Snellville Pet Resort daycare facility provides:· 9,000+ square feet of climate-controlled indoor playground areas· Play groups separated by size and temperament· Fenced outdoor area for potty breaks· Lots of toys to chew, tug, and chase to keep your dog entertained· Safe play structures· Floors, toys and structures sanitized daily· Soft beds and a quiet area to rest· Daily nutritious snacks

Benefits of Day-Care:· Decreases and/or eliminates destructive behavior:   Dogs get out of the house and are provided an outlet for excess energy.  Eliminate your neighbors and landlord’s fears of possible destruction to property and/or noise.· Socialization: A dog’s natural behavior as a pack animal allows them to learn discipline and hierarchy and socializes them with other dogs.  Interacting with friendly dogs and people throughout the day aides their learning of these behaviors.  · Separation anxiety:  Dogs can be destructive when left alone. Daycare helps relieve separation anxiety. · Exercise:  Doggy daycare allows your dog to run, jump and roll. This exercise can also help curb obesity.· Veterinarian recommended: Most veterinarians agree on the above benefits of doggy daycare.

If you are interested, please set up an appointment to have your dog evaluated (a mandatory 2-hr behavioral evaluation is required).

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